Clarks Showroom, London

As part of a full brand update Clarks required a base in London to act as their main showroom and London office.  The company took over the ground floor of Russell Square House and Stiff + Trevillion created zones within this large area using Crittal screens to define formal reception areas from flexible showroom space. 

In conjunction with Unibox, a full modular, mobile shelving system was developed which allows each individual shoe shelf to be illuminated and swapped out for large graphic lightboxes. The combination of a modular structure, flexible main space and hidden storage allows Clarks to easily re-dress the showroom to suit single collection previews or catwalk presentations. 

A hardwearing satin Sphere 8 resin floor was chosen to compliment the warmth of the oak detailed fixtures. Bespoke folding tables and a reception desk help to communicate key brand values of quality and timelessness.