Stiff+Trevillion at Footprint+ 2024

News — 30 Apr 2024

Emily Watson, Stiff+Trevillion Director, will be speaking as part of a panel discussion at next week's Footprint+ 2024. The discussion, Facades at the heart of retrofit strategy, forms part of the Materials Future programme, and will examine the role of facades in thermal efficiency and aesthetics, how improving the external envelope of buildings can be one of the most effective ways to alter a potentially stranded asset and give it a long term future, saving the embodied carbon within the existing building.

The session will cover:

  • establishing the trade-off between operational and embodied carbon costs of different solutions
  • replacement of glazing, thermal elements and cladding materials
  • early engagement with contractors

The panel discussion takes place on Wednesday 8th May at 4pm. Tickets for the conference are available here.