Tite Street

This project sits within a Grade II listed mid-terrace townhouse property 150m north of the River Thames and located within the Royal Hospital Conservation Area in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The property is a brick-built 5 storey building (including lower ground floor).

The scheme included the following elements:

- Construction of a single story rear extension.

- Minor external alterations to the existing building including the replacement of a non original features.

- Internal alterations to the plan form.

The rear extension design is visually lightweight with full height glazed sides and a slender ‘floating’ coated zinc roof. The solidity of the construction is intentionally as minimal as possible, and the materiality and simple contemporary detailing serves to avoid ambiguity between what is original and what is not. This honest expression of the new elements is a far better approach than producing pastiche reproductions when it comes to maintaining legibility and appreciating the character of the adjacent listed building.