Jamie's Italian Stockholm

A new venture between Jamie's Italian and the Scandic Hotel Group recently saw the opening to the first Jamie's Italian in Scandinavia.

Jamie's Italian and Jamie's Bar will serve hotel guests and external customers and maintains the rustic feel of the Jamie's Italian family but with a nod to its Swedish home.

The design is influenced by the colours and character of Stockholm and the seminal work of the Gunnar Asplund's designed city Public Library. The palette of materials has been selected to create a warm welcoming and cosy interior.

Stockholm is a northerly town with as little as 6 hours day light in winter and for much of the year temperatures are below freezing. Stiff + Trevillion have created a warm core at the centre of the restaurant concealing the toilet block by wrapping it in red Tuscan roof tiles, vertically stacked with hidden lighting. This is the metaphorical heart of the restaurant visible from outside encouraging customers to come in.

The location of the anti pasti, cook line and counters ensure that there is a sense of theatre in nearly every seat and also to those passing on the street.