National Saturday Club Masterclass

24 Feb 2020

On Saturday 22nd February, Stiff+Trevillion welcomed a group of children from the National Saturday Club's University of West London group to 1 Lyric Square for a Master Class.

The children listened to a brief presentation on urban farming and were tasked with thinking about how food production might be integrated into our cities in the future.

After brainstorming their ideas they went on to create amazing models and landscapes using nothing more than old boxes. They then talked through their concepts that ranged from rain-water capture systems to high rise farms.

The National Saturday Club gives 13–16 year olds the opportunity to study subjects they love at their local university, college or cultural institution, for free. Offering dynamic creative learning programmes in four subject areas – Art&Design, Science & Engineering, Fashion&Business and Writing&Talking – the model works to develop young people’s skills, nurture their talents and encourage their creativity.


National Saturday Club Masterclass