10 x10 Drawing the City supporting Article 25

4 Nov 2014

Mike Stiff has again been asked to participate in Article 25's fund raising event, 10 x 10 Drawing the City, in which leading architects and artists are asked to interpret their own small square of London. The artwork is auctioned on 27 November 2014 to raise funds for some of the worlds poorest people.

Darkhouse Walk

Billingsgate is long gone, the smells and sounds of the market a distant memory. The old market building is still there, empty and set amongst some pretty soulless late Twentieth Century architecture. The City street names remain, and “Darkhouse Walk” is as evocative as any. It is now a part of the riverside pedestrian route, but underneath, when the tide is out, it is possible to imagine the recent past of the fish market, or even the original inhabited London Bridge that started its way south from here.

The painting is acrylic on canvas.

http://www.10x10london.com/auction/mike-stiff-darkhouse-walk-f4/ to bid.


10 x10 Drawing the City supporting Article 25