My journey to the studio

31 Mar 2021

I cycle from my home in Kew to the studio in Westbourne Park every day.

I have more than one route, but all are planned to avoid traffic.

My favourite follows the Thames through Chiswick Mall to Hammersmith and then cuts up to Holland Park and on to North Kensington.

I have drawn a view from each day of my commute.

My journey to the studio

I cut through Mortlake Cemetery and sketched the Chapel of Rest with Magnolia buds in the foreground.

My journey to the studio
Mortlake Cemetery

Fullers are the last brewer on the Thames and the village that was Chiswick is just off the massive M4 /A316 junction that effects our escape from the capital.

My journey to the studio
Church Street, Chiswick

Hammersmith Bridge lies silent but beautiful.

My journey to the studio
Hammersmith Bridge

St James Norland is the Church that both of my sons were Christened in. Grenfell sits sadly behind it.

My journey to the studio
St James's Church, Holland Park

Trellick Tower defines the locality of my studio.

My journey to the studio
Golborne Road

Mike Stiff originally wrote this for The Architect Club's blog series 'Stories of our neigbourhoods'